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Slovenia is a country in Central Europe that has a small amount of coastline along the Adriatic Sea and borders Italy to the west, Croatia to the south and east, Hungary to the northeast, and Austria to the north. The country spans an area of 20,273 square kilometres and is populated by 2.05 million people. Ljubljana is Slovenia’s capital and largest city.

When you are looking to remit money to Slovenia there will be a number of options, so considering the pros and cons of the various remittance services is a good idea.

Although remitting money through a bank may be the thing that first comes to mind when you need to remit money to Slovenia, this is a costly transfer option as banks charge significant fees and offer poor exchange rates.

Another logical solution may be to remit euros to Slovenia via a money sending bureaux, however these services also provide customers with poor exchange rates and charge fees as much as 10-15% of the remittance, making this another expensive option.

When you wish to remit money to Slovenia the ideal option would be to use a foreign exchange provider such as Xendpay.

It could be that you wish to remit money to Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Velenje or somewhere else in Slovenia. Whether you are remitting money to Nova Ljubljanska Banka, SKB banka, Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor or another bank in Slovenia, Xendpay will enable you to remit money simply, cheaply and safely.

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