If you need to transfer money to Spain it is a good idea to compare the various money transfer options available for payments to Spain.

With different providers to choose from to transfer money to Spain you will want to find a foreign currency exchange provider that best suits your requirements and saves you the most money on the international transfer.

The table below compares transfer fees, minimum amount able to transfer and online transfer capability to transfer money to Spain.

Provider Transfer fees Minimum Online Transfer  
Xendpay Low £100 Yes – most currencies worldwide Open an account
Banks £20-35 £100 No  
Money transfer agents Up to 15% No Yes  
Foreign currency exchange brokers Free £250 Yes – limited  

As the above comparison indicates we offer our customers market leading services. Whichever bank and whatever the reason for transfering money to Spain Xendpay can assist you, simplfying the process of and reducing the costs of the transfer.

The benefits of transfering money via Xendpay:

  • Simple registration. Registering is really fast and simple.
  • Low transfer fees. There is always a reasonable fee option.
  • Great Rates. We offer extremely competitive exchange rates for the Euro
  • Variety of payment methods. You can pay for your transfer by making a bank transfer to our client account, pay from your credit or debit card or by iDeal or ELV.
  • Secure payments. All payments are covered by FCA authorisation and client funds are held in a separate bank account.

Start sending money to Spain now.