Do you want to transfer money  to Spain? Whatever your reason is to transfer euros to Spain, you are going to want the cheapest, simplest and most reliable way.
Xendpay can help you get the most out of your money as you are offered  reasonable exchange rates for Euro’s and low transfer fees which help to reduce the costs of transferring money overseas.

Why do you wish to transfer money to Spain?

There are many reasons why people would want to transfer money to Spain. They might be sending money to friends or family, or need to pay off something over there; whatever the reasons are for transferring money to Spain, it is smart to take into account the different ways you can make your payment because the costs of transfers can be different depending on the method you use.
Ideally you would like as many euros your money can afford. Some options are; using a bank, A bureaux or… Xendpay!


Going to the bank is the first idea people think of when they want to transfer money overseas because of it being the most obvious to choose. Although it might sound easier, banks have very low exchange rates and a high transfer rate which isn’t the cheapest option and doesn’t make the most out of your money.

A money sending bureaux

A money sending bureau is another available service when you need to make a money transfer to Spain. These services can be an appropriate substitute to using a bank because they allow you to transfer money over seas very quickly. However they offer a very unconvenient exchange rate, and charge up to 15% for a transfer!

So what is a cheap alternative for your money transfers to Spain?


Use Xendpay
for making a money transfer to Spain. It is really easy and a lot cheaper if you transfer the money through a foreign exchange specialist such as Xendpay. Everyday we help an increasing number of people with transferring their money, aiming to offer them a better exchange rate than they would usually get from their bank or from a money sending bureaux. Not only will the money transfer to Spain be cheaper when made through Xendpay, it will also be more useful as our safe online payment system means you can transfer money anywhere at any time.

To transfer money with Xendpay, register in minutes and open a free Xendpay acount where you will be able to make your money transfers to spain safely and cheaply!