When you need to send money to Spain for your retirement, sending your money through Xendpay will be the ideal option if you need a cheap and simple way to send Euros. With Xendpay you will be able to transfer money with low fees, conveniently online 24/7 at a great Euro exchange rate.

Britons considering retiring abroad have been reminded that it is never too early to start planning their move. According to Rhiannon Davies, director of Shelter Offshore, finances are the most important thing to get right when planning a life overseas. As such, Britons thinking about retiring in a sunnier climate should look in to possible ways to send euros to Spain.

While they may appear to be a simple choice, banks are often the most expensive way to send money to Spain. A per-transfer fee and a fairly uncompetitive currency exchange rate will soon push up the costs involved in using a high street bank to send euros to Spain.

Instead, people approaching retirement could look in to money transfer options available with foreign exchange specialists such as Xendpay.

We specialise in sending money overseas and can provide some of the best currency exchange rates available on Sterling to Euro transfers. In addition we also enable you to send money with nominal fees, conveniently online 24/7 via our online payments system.

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