If you need to send money to Spain you will want to find a service that makes sending money to Spain cheap and easy. It will be really easy for you to send money to Spain as there are no currency restrictions or regulations and as there will be a number of services that will enable you to send the money. It will therefore be wise to consider the various options as this will help you to find the best way to send money to Spain. Cost is likely to be the most important factor when choosing the ideal way of sending Euros to Spain, so you will want to find a service who charges a low transfer fee and offers a great exchange rate for the Euro.

Sending money to Spain

Spain is a popular destination for money transfers and 2012 Spain saw a remittance inflow of US$10.2 billion. If you require to send money to Spain for whatever reason, a money sending service such Xendpay could be the ideal solution for you.

Sending money overseas through a bank costly,

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How does Xendpay compare to a bank or a money sending bureax?

Why is Xendpay the ideal way to send money to Spain?

  • Great exchange rate for the Euro
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  • Online and telephone help
  • Pay by either bank transfer or credit or debit card.

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