Maybe you are looking to move from Spain to the United Kingdom for work and wish to send money back home to Spain on a regular basis. Whatever your reason for sending money from the UK to Spain, you will certainly be looking for the best way to send the money. That money service that you use should help you to make your payment to Spain simply, cheaply, conveniently, securely and fast. As showed below, Xendpay meets all these requirements ideally

“Can anyone help? I need to send money to my bank account in Spain on a fairly regular basis. I normally do this by trekking down to my not so local Nationwide branch and asking them to do a CHAPS transfer from my Flex account. It is speedy and I normally receive the money in Spain the following day, but I do incur a £20 transaction fee every time. The exchange rate used is normally quite good – much closer to the published business rate than tourist rate and I don’t get any other charges.”

This comment was written on an Internet forum by a person seeking advice on how to send money from the UK to Spain. If they knew about Xendpay, they wouldn´t have to make the transfer to Spain so complicated and expensive. 

If you want to transfer money to Spain, banks and money sending bureaus are an option which provide money transfer services. However, banks generally offer a poor exchange rate for the Euro and charge large transfer fees. The fees of money sending bureaus are similarily high, as much as 15% and this coupled with an uncompetitive Euro exchange rate makes this an expensive way to send money to Spain.

Making money transfers with Xendpay

We differ from banks and money sending bureaux for several reasons, which always prove to be beneficial to our customers.

Firstly, opening an account with Xendpay is free, there is no obligation to use our service and our online remittance platform is available 24/7.

What’s more, our service is a cheap way to send money to Spain as our exchange rates and transfer fees are very competitivePlease visit our fee page to see the currencies that we trade and to find the transfer fees per currency. 

Sending money to Spain with Xendpay, or to any other location around the world is also very fast as we are members of the SWIFT banking network. Your beneficiary will receive the money in their bank account in Spain 24-48 hours after your payment has cleared our secure client account. 

Simply provide us with the relevant information which is, the SWIFT code and IBAN number of the bank you are sending to, your own bank details and the bank account details you wish to transfer to. To send your money you can either do a bank transfer or pay using your credit or debit card.

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