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Spain is a member of the European Union. Tourism is one of Spains main national industries and this industry has developed into the second largest worldwide.

There are various reasons why people transfer money to Spain; they may be sending money to friends, family or transferring money for education fees. Whatever you reasons for transferring money to Spain it is wise to consider the different ways you can make your payment as the costs of transfers can vary considerably depending on which method you use.

Transferring money to Spain will involve converting to euros so ideally you will want as many euros your money can buy!

Going to your bank is a common route to take. But with poor exchange rate for the Euro on offer and a bank charge per transfer, it can make you question the reasons for its popularity.

Many people transfer their money through their bank out of habit as well as lack of knowledge of other options available. However, your bank is not the cheapest method to take.

Secondly, money sending bureaus are another accessible option at your disposable to transfer money to Spain. They can be a quite a convenient alternative to the bank with the ability to send to a recipient quickly and to one that may not possess a bank account.

However, using their service will see you incur a transfer charge of up to 15%! In addition to being offered a terrible exchange rate for the euro as well as other currencies across the board.

Transferring money to Spain can be really simple and a lot cheaper if you transfer your money through a foreign exchange like Xendpay. Everyday we are helping more and more people with their money transfer needs, offering them a better exchange rate and allowing them to transfer money for a low charge.

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