When you need to send money to Sweden securely and cheaply, using Xendpay is a great way to send your money. With Xendpay you will get a great exchange rate for the Swedish Krona and you send your money at a low fee conveniently online via our payments system.

Sweden is one of the more highly developed countries in the world, with a strong economy, low unemployment and advanced welfare system – the standard of living in Sweden is pretty much first-rate.

It is to no surprise, that is has become an attractive destination for many people seeking a better life – with 10% of the population of Sweden being made up of immigrants.

Whether you are sending money to loved ones, or have a more commercial reason as to why you need to send money to Sweden, Xendpay can guarantee you a competitive exchange rate for the Swedish Krona and you will not be charged signifcant transfer fees when you send money to Sweden online!

Who are Xendpay? We are a foreign exchange specialist company headquartered in London who provide individuals and businesses a less costly solution to send money internationally.

Sending money to Sweden through us is highly secure as we are a member of the SWIFT banking network and follow the latest online security protocols.

How to send money to Sweden online

Our online payments system makes sending money to Sweden simple. To send money securely online you will need to choose how you will pay for your money transfer. You will then need to provide us the information we require to process the transfer such as the recipients bank account details and the IBAN and SWIFT code of their bank.

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