Do you need a way to transfer money to Switzerland online? Although going to the bank or a money sending agent like MoneyGram or Western Union would have been the only option in the past there are now a number of services that provide online money transfers to Switzerland. You may however find that services such as banks or money sending bureaux are an expensive way to make a money transfer to Switzerland as their transfer fees are high and they provide their customers with poor exchange rates. A foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay is a great way to transfer money to Switzerland as you will be able to transfer money 24/7, simply and conveniently online and cheaply thanks to our low transfer fees and competitive exchange rates.

Do you need to transfer money to your Swiss bank account back home? Perhaps you will be transferring money to relatives or friends in Switzerland? Whatever reason for transferring money to a  Swiss bank account, the process will involve a foreign currency exchange as you will need to convert the currency that you are paying with in to Swiss Francs.

As we are FX specialists our service is focused exclusively on foreign currency transfers, which enables us to offer a more competitive CHF exchange rate than a bank would provide and to charge lower transfer fees. Why not compare our exchange rates, or take a look at our list of transfer fees?

Thanks to, transferring money is now really simple, fast and convenient. We have a 24/7 online payments platformso you can transfer money from the convenience of your home or office which means you will not need to visit the bank or a shop to transfer money. You will find that transferring money through Xendpay is really easy as our payments platform is user friendly and allows you to transfer money simply, in a matter of minutes.

What details are required to transfer money to Switzerland? 

  • The Account Holders Name – The recipient’s full name.
  • Bank Account Number – The recipient’s bank account number.
  • Bank Name – The name of the bank where the recipient’s account is held.
  • Bank Address – The address of the recipient’s bank.

How to complete an online money transfer with Xendpay

1. Open a free account which will only take a matter of minutes.

2. Login to your account.

3. Complete the payment by telling us the currency that you are paying in, how many Swiss Francs you wish to transfer and your reason for transferring money to Switzerland.

4.  Add the recipient you wish to transfer money to.

5. Transfer the funds to our secure Barclays bank client account, either by bank transfer or credit or debit card payment .

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