You may need to transfer money to Tunisia to a family member or maybe you are buying property in the beautiful Sousse. Whatever your reasons are finding the best way to make your transfers means more Tunisian Dinars in the conversion and less transfer costs. Having a look at the main transfer options available to you can hopefully make your decision on choosing the best transfer option a lot easier.

You may need to make a transfer to an account in say Arab Tunisian Bank for example. To begin with you can enquire at your bank as a first option to make your transfer to Tunisia.

By visiting your bank you will discover that the exchange rates offered are disappointingly uncompetitive meaning less Tunisian Dinars (TND) for your money. Furthermore, your typical bank will typically charge you a fee for your transfers; these fees can be quite substantial and are applied for every transfer you make! The costs accumulated can see significantly less money make it to Tunisia making your bank not the best option to take.

The next option you can try is a money sending bureau. They can be quick and convenient way to make your transfer to Tunisia. However, on closer inspection they are an expensive transfer method.

You are looking at a charge of up to 15% of the amount you wish to transfer, which is an extremely costly amount, especially if you require to transfer money regularly to Tunisia. With terrible exchange rates to add, using a money sending bureau not a financially wise option.

If you want better exchange rates and no transfer fees then using the services of a foreign currency exchange broker is the ideal option to use to transfer money to Tunisia!

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