Are you looking for the fastest and cheapest way to send money to a Kreditprombank in Ukraine? Do you want to make sure that your get a great return for your money when sending money to Ukraine? If so, Xendpay will be the ideal money sending agent for you. 

Xendpay are one of the few money sending services that allow you to send money 24/7 from any computer that has an internet connection, all in a few clicks. Xendpay is also a cheap way to send money as our fees are some of the lowest on the market and we offer great exchange rates.

Why should I send my money to Ukraine through Xendpay?

Expatriation, providing financial assistance to a loved one, or paying for school fees … there are numerous reasons why you may need to send money to a Kreditprombank account in Ukraine. With Xendpay, you can be sure…

  • To enjoy some of the most favourable conditions on the money transfer market. Our transfer fees are among the lowest on the market and we assure to offer you a more competitive exchange rate than a bank or a money sending bureau. To see our list of fees and the currencies that we trade please visit our fee page.
  • A quick money transfer service. As we are a member of the SWIFT banking network we are able to send money worldwide within 24-48 hours.
  • High levels of security as we utilise the latest online security protocols.

Sending money to Kreditprombank Ukraine

Kreditprombank provides banking services in Ukraine, offering personal accounts, payments and payment cards, savings accounts, loans, money transfer services and foreign currency exchange along with a wealth of other services.


Address: 38, Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard, Kyiv, 01014
Phone Number: +44800507909


How do I send money through Xendpay?

Sending money to Kreditprombank Ukraine couldn’t be easier with Xendpay. First of all you will need to register for a Xendpay account. Once you have registered you will need login to your account, then save your payee(s) details by telling us their name, bank account details and the name and address of their bank, along with its SWIFT code. When you need to send money just choose the beneficiary you wish to send money to and tell us the amount and the currency that you wish to send, the currency that you will pay with and for security reasons, the purpose of your money transfer to the Ukraine. You will be shown a real time exchange rate which alters when there is a movement in the currency, so you will be getting the most current and competitive exchange rates on the market when you send money to Kreditprombank Ukraine. 

You will then be asked to choose a method of payment to transfer the funds to our secure Barclay’s bank client account, either credit or debit card, bank transfer or iDeal or ELV. Please be aware that a foreign exchange conversion needs to take place in order for us to send your money, so you will be unable to send the same currency as the one you pay in.

Every year Xendpay supports tens of thousands of individuals sending money overseas, so why not join us? Opening a Xendpay account is free and there is no obligation to use the service.

Kreditprombank, like all banks, may sometimes refuse to accept payments from some or all third parties.  Under these circumstances we will return the money to the client once it has been returned to RationalFX, less any SWIFT and third-party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses incurred.

Send money to Kreditprombank Ukraine now.