Transferring money online to Ukraine

While in the past you would have had to visit a bank or a money sending bureaux when you needed to make a money transfer to Ukraine now you can transfer the money simply and conveniently online with an online money transfer provider such as Xendpay. Your money transfers to Ukraine with Xendpay will also be a lot cheaper than if you made them through a bank or money sending bureaux as our transfer fees are low and we will offer you a great exchange rate. To transfer money 24/7, conveniently and simply online, make your money transfer through

Why are Xendpay different to banks and money sending bureaux?

At Xendpay we are able to offer our customers a service that differs to other money sending providers such as banks or money sending bureaux. As we focus exclusively on overseas money transfers and specialise in foreign currency exchange Xendpay will be the ideal money transfer provider for you when you need to make a money transfer to  Ukraine as we ensure that you get market leading currency exchange rates. Making the money transfer through Xendpay will also be ideal as we are a member of the SWIFT banking network, which means a faster money transfer, so your recipient should receive the funds within 24/48h after we your funds have cleared our secure Barclays bank client account.

Why is Xendpay the ideal money transfer agent?

•Making money transfers through Xendpay is ideal as it will help you to make your money go further as our transfer fees are always low (equivalent to £4) and we will offer you a great exchange rate. For more information please visit our fee page.

• Xendpay will also make transferring money to Ukraine convenient, simple and fast as you will be able to complete the money transfer at your own convenience thanks to our24/7 online payments platform.

• A further benefit of transferring money through Xendpay is that you will know your funds are in safe hands as we are authorised by a UK government agency, the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of payment services and are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs.

How do I complete my money transfer with Xendpay?

When you want to complete a money transfer through Xendpay it will be really easy, all you will need to do is open a free account which will only take a matter of minutes. Once your Xendpay account is open you will need to add the details of the people you will be transferring money to, so you need to let us know their name, their bank account details and the name, address and SWIFT code of their bank.

To make your money transfer to Ukraine you will need to select the beneficiary that you wish to transfer money to and then tell us the amount that you need to transfer, the currency that you will be transferring and the currency you will pay with. While you will be unable to transfer Ukrainian hryvnia as this is a currency that we currently do not trade, you will be able to transfer pound sterling, US dollars or euros. It is also important to note that in order for us to process your money transfer, a foreign exchange conversion must take place, so you will not be able to make a euro to euro bank transfer for example.

Once you have completed your payment instructions you will be required to choose a payment method to transfer the funds to our secure Barclay’s bank client account. You can either do a bank transfer or pay using credit or debit card, iDeal or ELV. You will then be shown the real time exchange rate on offer, which alters each time that there is a currency fluctuation, so you will get the most current and competitive exchange rates available.   

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