Xendpay can process your money transfer from Euros to The United Arab Emirates Dirham. We will make the transaction simple, low-cost and convenient for you to make. We will only apply a small fee to your transaction, and aim to give you extremely competitive exchange rates.

The United Arab Emirates Dirham, most commonly abbreviated to AED is the currency of the United Arab Emirates. A Dirham is subdivided into 100 Fils. The coins are issued in 25-Fils, 50-Fils and 1-Dirham denominations, and notes are available in 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 & 5 Dirhams denominations.

Your transfer from EUR to AED can be processed through various mediums so it is important that an understanding of the available alternatives informs your choice of international money sending agent.

Commonly people chose to process their monetary transfers from Euros to United Arab Emirates Dirham through their bank or a money sending bureau as these are convenient and accessible services; these agents are however unnecessarily pricey options.

To avoid being an expensive to use service we offer competitive exchange rates. Consequently this means that your Euros will go further and will allow more AED to be transferred in the process.

Owing to our online payments service transactions are simple and convenient to make. In order to process your transfer we will need your bank account details, the details of the recipient’s bank account and their bank’s IBAN and SWIFT code. Once we possess this information we will transfer the funds directly from your account on your behalf.

Start sending money to the UAE now with Xendpay.