More expatriates might be looking for ways to send money to the United Arab Emirates after the region has implemented changes to its employment law. Skilled and professional workers from abroad are no longer required to obtain a no-objection certificate from a former employer in order to take up a new position in the country.

As such, foreigners can stay in the country and progress within the sector of their choice.

If you’re tempted to move to the area for work, you might want to look into ways to send money to the UAE in order to cover initial costs, such as buying a property or placing a deposit on a rented home.

Using a cash transfer service might look like an easy way of doing things, but it could prove to be problematic.

Because the transaction is in cash, the supplier is required to ask a lot of anti-money laundering questions and the limits on how much money you can send to the United Arab Emirates will probably be quite low.

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