If you are looking for a way of transferring money from your First Direct Bank account the ideal answer for you could be making your money transfer to UK through Xendpay as we ensure that it is easy, cost friendly and convenient to transfer money. When you choose to transfer money with Xendpay you will get a competitive exchange rate for your chosen currency and will be able to make a low fee transfer.

First Direct is an internet and telephone based retail bank in the United Kingdom which is a division of HSBC Bank plc. The bank has approximately 1.16 million customers and its headquarters are situated in Leeds.

First Direct

Bank name: First Direct
Address: 40 Wakefield Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS98 1FD
Phone number: +441132766100



In order to make money transfers inexpensively, conveniently and securely from your First Direct account you should consider making your money transfer through Xendpay. It may be that you are transferring money to family or friends or that you are making mortgage payments on a property abroad; whatever your reason for transferring money, researching the different ways you could transfer your money is worthwhile.

Your initial consideration may be to make your international money transfer through a bank as this is a convenient and easy way of transferring money; transferring money through a bank is however costly as you will be offered uncompetitive exchange rates and can be charged significant transfer fees.

Another popular option is to make money transfers through a money sending bureau as this is a fast and convenient transfer method. Transferring money through such services is however an expensive option because once again you will be charged high transfer fees and offered poor rates of exchange.

An alternative and beneficial way of making your money transfer is through a foreign exchange broker like Xendpay as money transfers made with us are really simple to complete and are budget friendly as we offer competitive rates of exchange and the option of making low fee transfers.

In order for us to process your transfer you will need to credit our client account with the funds you wish to transfer. At this stage you will have to choose your payment method; will you pay us by a credit or debit card payment or will you do a bank transfer through First Direct?

Once you have transferred your funds to us we will then need to know a few other details such as the recipients account details and the SWIFT and IBAN code of their bank. Once in receipt of your funds and the required information we will then be able to transfer your money for you.

First Direct, like all banks, may sometimes refuse to accept payments from some or all third parties.  Under these circumstances we will return the money to the client once it has been returned to RationalFX, less any SWIFT and third-party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses incurred.

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