When you are looking to cheaply and securely make money transfers to family in England, transferring Pounds through Xendpay is the ideal solution. Your money transfer to UK with us will be at a great GBP exchange rate and with low transfer fees. Whatsmore money transfers with us are really simple to make as our online payments system lets you transfer British Pounds conveniently online.

As part of the United Kingdom, England is an island country which is separated from continental Europe by the English Channel and shares land borders with Scotland and Wales.The capital of England and the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom is London, and its considered to be the largest urban zone in the European Union.

Do you want to make a money transfer to a member of your family living in London, Leeds or Liverpool? Perhaps you are looking to transfer Pounds to family who live in Surrey, Sussex or Kent? Wherever your family are living in England and however many Pounds you wish to transfer, it is wise to consider the different ways you can make your money transfer as this helps you find the transfer method most suited to you and also the most cost effective option.

Ways of making a money transfer

Money sending bureaus or banks are popular ways of transferring money to family in England  as these services are accessible and simple to use; these services are however an expensive way to make your money transfer as you will be offered poor exchange rates and charged sizeable transfer fees.

Is there an alternative way to transfer money to family in England?

Transferring your money through Xendpay is the ideal way to make your money transfer as we will give you a competitive exchange rate for the Pound and will not charge you high transfer fees.

Whether you are transferring money to Barclays, Lloyds or NatWest, money transfers with us are convenient and simple to make as you can transfer money 24/7, from any location through our online payments service.

Xendpay ensures the utmost security for all users on their website by utilising the latest online security protocols and using high-level encryption on all sensitive information

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