When you need to remit money to UK you will want to find a cheap, simple and convenient way of making your remittance. While there are a few different services that will enable you to make  remittances to the UK, you will need to find one that charges low transfer fees and offers a great exchange rate and therefore saves you money. You will also need to find a service that makes remitting money really easy, so you may want to find an online remittance service that enables you to remit money to the UK 24/7.

What is the ideal way of remitting money to the UK?

If you need to remit money to the UK your first thought may be to remit the money through a bank. But did you know this is an overly expensive way of remitting money as banks charge large transfer fees and offer poor exchange rates?

A money sending bureaux is another service that enables you to remit money to the UK. Once again however, this will be a costly way of remitting money as the transfer fees they charge are often high and these services are known to offer uncompetitive exchange rates that are fixed, therefore you will not be able to benefit from a favourable exchange rate if one becomes available.

A foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay is an ideal way of remitting money to the UK as we can save you money by offering some of the best exchange rates on the market and by charging really low transfer fees.

Transferring money via Xendpay.com

It could be that you need to remit money to your family in the UK or that you are crediting your personal bank account back home in the UK. Whatever your reason for remitting money to the UK and whatever your requirements, the ideal way to remit your money will be through Xendpay.

With Xendpay you will have access to a 24/7 online payments platform, so you will be able to make remittances to the UK simply online, even from the comfort of your home, so you will not be tied to the restrictive opening hours of a bank or money sending bureaux.

When you remit money through Xendpay you can also save yourself money as we offer market leading exchange rates and our transfer fees are low. To see our list of transfer fees and the currencies that we trade please visit our fee page

How do I remit money via Xendpay.com?

  • To remit money to the UK register for a Xendpay account, login and add your payee(s) to the account by telling us their name, bank account details and the name of their bank and its address and SWIFT code.
  • To make your remittance select the currency that you will pay with, the currency that you want to remit and tell us the amount that you wish to remit and your reason for remitting the money to UK. You will then be shown a live exchange rate which will be accurate to the second.
  • You will then need to make payment, which you can do by credit or debit card, bank transfer, iDeal or ELV. To complete the remittance you will need to review the details and if everything is correct simply confirm the transaction.

Please be aware that a foreign exchange conversion must occur if you are to remit money through Xendpay, so the currency that you pay with must be different to the currency that you wish to remit. For example, you will not be able to remit GBP if you are paying with GBP.

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