If you need to transfer money to the UK, Xendpay is the ideal solution as we offer a competitive exchange rate for the Pound and enable you to transfer money online 24/7 via our payments system for a low transfer fee.

When you need to transfer money to the UK there will be three main options, all of which each come with different benefits and costs, so doing a little research before you choose will be worthwhile.

The first option is your local high street bank who are likely to offer you a poor exchange rate for the Pound and to impose sizeable fees for each time that you transfer money to the UK with them. These extra costs can sometimes outweigh the convenience of using a bank in your home country to transfer money to banks like Lloyds TSB or HSBC.

But if you need to transfer money to the UK to somebody who cannot access a bank account, then a Money Sending bureau might be a more suitable option, which are small establishments found on high streets and in shopping malls around the world. Unfortunately, these services tend to be poorly regulated, have rather uncompetitive currency exchange rates and impose per-transfer fees in the region of ten to 15 per cent.

To avoid these costs you could always consider the third way of transferring money to the UK: a foreign exchange specialist such as Xendpay.

At Xendpay we deal with huge volumes of currency every day so we are able to offer very competitive sterling exchange rates. We can also go one step further and provide you with a low fee service, which should lower your costs considerably.

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