“We have just sold our property in Spain and are looking for a company to transfer the funds back to UK. We are looking for a reliable company giving good rates! Any ideas?” An Internet forum comment about how to send money from Spain to the UK. 

Yes, we have! If you are selling your house in Spain and need to send money back to the United Kingdom, or you need to make a money transfer from Spain to the UK for any other reason, Xendpay will be an ideal way for you to transfer the money. 

With Xendpay, you don´t need to waste your precious time going to bank and waiting ages queuing. You can send money to the UK simply and conveniently, 24/7 online from any location while saving money. We can reduce the costs of sending money to the UK as we offer competitive exchange rates and we do not charge you significant transfer fees, which enables you to send more Euros to your family living in the UK or to your own English bank account.

It is simple and fast

In order to send money from Spain to the UK you need to open an account with us. It is absolutely free and there is no obligation to use the account if you decide not to do so. The following steps are also simple: 

  • Login to your account. Once logged in to your Xendpay account you will need to add payee(s) to your account by telling us their name, bank account details and the name, branch address and SWIFT code of their bank.
  • You will then be required to select your currency, the currency of your beneficiary, to tell us the amount you want to remit and for security reasons you will need to let us know your reason for remitting the money to Slovakia. We will then show you the exchange rate on offer for the transaction, which will updated to the second.
  • Next you will  have to choose the way you will make your payment, either by credit/debit card or bank transfer,.
  • To complete your remittance you will finally need to confirm the transaction.

Open an account and start to send money from Spain to the UK now