The best way to send money to the UK will depend on your individual circumstances; whether you need to send Sterling to the UK to cover payments on a property, to transfer your pension or just to send Pounds to friends or family, you will save money if you do some research first.

The charges and costs involved in sending money differ depending on which service you use. Banks, for example, impose per-transfer fees on top of their currency exchange rates which means you will end up paying extra each time you send money to banks in the UK, like Barclays or Halifax and money sending bureaux operate along similar guidelines, charging per-transfer fees as much as ten or even 15 per cent of your transaction value.

While these establishments are useful if you need to send money to a recipient in the UK who cannot access a bank account, it is worth keeping in mind the associated costs.

If you want to avoid fees and access more competitive Sterling exchange rates then Xendpay is likely to be the ideal option for you. When you send money to the UK with us you can make a low fee transfer and will have access to some of the most competitive exchange rates on the market.

Not only will your transfer with Xendpay be cheaper but you can transfer money simply and conveniently online 24/7 from any location via our online payments system which means sending money is simpler than ever.

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