Due to Russia financial sanctions regime, we have taken the step to suspend payments to and from Russia and Belarus. For any questions, please email our Support Team at [email protected].

When will the money arrive?

General information

The timescales given below should be used as a guide only. In many cased, the funds may be visible in the recipients account on the same day they arrive with the bank, but in other cases it may take longer. This is dependent on the individual banks’ own processing and, unfortunately, is out of our control.

For payments by card

These estimations are based on a payment to Xendpay being made by card and apply to UK business days (Monday to Friday). 

If we have more than one currency listed in one country, the delivery time depends on which currency the sender wants to remit to the recipient’s country.

Please select the country you want to send money to:

Destination Country Currency When will the money arrive?

Generally EUR, GBP and USD are sent to the recipient on the same day that we receive the funds (except for payments on the weekend which will be sent on the next working day). If the payment is made after 2pm British Time it is possible that the banks will not process on the same day. The recipient will then recieve the money on the next working day. Below is an example of this scenario:

The sender wants to transfer money (1000€) from France (Euro) to the UK (GBP) 

  • He makes the transaction at 11am paying by card: His beneficiary will receive the 1000€ on the same day
  • He makes the transaction at 5pm paying by card: His beneficiary will receive the 1000€ on the next working day

All other currencies arrive two working days later if the payment is made early enough, if not, three days later.

For payments by bank transfer

The above listed delivery times do not apply for payments made by local bank transfer / bank transfer to UK account. If you choose this payment option you will have to add the amount of days needed for the money to arrive at our accounts to the delivery times mentioned.