Due to Russia financial sanctions regime, we have taken the step to suspend payments to and from Russia and Belarus. For any questions, please email our Support Team at [email protected]

How to pay bills overseas

Many people in the UK have financial commitments overseas, such as property maintenance, tuition fees and utility bills. Whilst making international payments can be expensive, sending money abroad with Xendpay is fast, easy and secure.

Whether you need to make a one off bill payment or a recurring bill payment each month, it’s important that you familiarise yourself with the range of international money transfer options that you have. Depending on the bill amount and currency, you will have the choice of paying by credit card, international money transfer or a bank transfer.

Bank transfer

For many people, regardless of whether they’re based in the UK or overseas, their high street bank is their first port of call when making international money transfers, as they assume that it’s their best option. However banks typically take three to seven working days to process international transactions, offer poor exchange rates and charge high fees for their services.

Credit card

While credit cards are easy to use and accepted by a large majority of overseas suppliers, international credit card payments come with a foreign exchange fee, which is typically around 3.5% of the transaction amount. The exchange rate charged for the transaction will also be at the discretion of your bank at the time and day of the transfer. Not all providers will accept a credit card as payment to fund your exchange.


Paying international bills doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to make sure your bills are paid on time and in cost effective way, Xendpay can provide you with a secure online account to help you manage your payments.

We also allow our customers to pay bills using a mobile wallet. A mobile wallet is a digital version of the wallet you carry around in your pocket. It stores payment details, for example credit or debit cards and cash balances, which can then be used to make payments. Most importantly, for those interested in using a mobile wallet to send money abroad, it can also receive money from others.

Our new mobile wallet service allows users to send money directly to mobile phones of friends and family overseas. Recipients can use the money in their mobile wallet to directly pay at local shops and businesses which are enabled to accept mobile money payments, this removes the risk of having to carry large sums of cash around with them. Xendpay currently offer mobile wallet payments to; Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria and the Philippines.

Sending money to a mobile wallet is convenient for the recipient as they don’t have to travel to an agent to collect it. As soon as the money is debited into their wallet, they can use it to pay bills or make purchases immediately. However, to withdraw cash the receiver must visit an agent location. You can also transfer money to a mobile wallet if the receiver doesn’t have a bank account.

Whatever your requirements are, you can send money to your loved ones back home using Xendpay. Our “pay what you want” transfer fees and great exchange rates, make us more cost effective than your high street bank. If you have any international bills that you need to pay, you can login to your account. If you aren’t already an existing customer, you can sign up here it’s a super quick and easy process.