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Rajesh Agrawal, the founder and of CEO of Xendpay from RationalFX is interviewed by The City Magazine and Canary Wharf Magazine

Xendpay and RationalFX’s founder and CEO Rajesh Agrawal, was interviewed by prestigious magazines, The City Magazine and Canary Wharf Magazine.

Canary Wharf Magazine, which has a readership of 350,000+, is a smart and stylish publication of the highest quality, it is the definitive luxury lifestyle magazine, featuring high profile interviews, intelligent content and contemporary design.

The City Magazine is Canary Wharf’s sister title, featuring equally high profile interviews, topical content and stylish design, as well as articles on business, travel, motoring, sport, food, drink, fashion and finance and also has a readership of 350,000+.

In the interviews with the City Magazine and Canary Wharf Magazine Rajesh discusses how RationalFX came into being, the effect the recession had on the business, along with the challenges RationalFX has experienced.

Both magazines commend RationalFX for its achievements, noting how its position as the official shirt sponsors of Birmingham City Football Club led RationalFX to become an “impressive company” that joined a number of conglomerates such as Fly Emirates, Samsung, Aon and Investec.

They also identify Rajesh’s various successes, such as his nomination for the coveted Lloyds TSB Jewel Awards, his election as a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce and his position as a board member of The Indus Entrepreneurs, which is the world’s largest not-for profit organisation facilitating entrepreneurship.

To see the full interview featured in The City Magazine and Canary Wharf Magazine please follow the images links bellow.

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