RationalFX: Eyeing the top spot in the global money transfer market

Our sister company RationalFX and our chairman and CEO Rajesh Agrawal were featured in The Hindu Business Line, a financial and business daily newspaper which is the leading resource on Indian business.

The article discusses Rajesh’s journey towards creating a successful money transfer business that is on its way to revolutionising the global money transfer industry.

Talking about RationalFX, Rajesh says that “We sensed a vacuum in the market in terms of money transfers, especially as most traditional ways meant huge charges. We make our profits on the exchange rates and are being preferred over banks as we specialise in foreign exchange”.

Rajesh Agrawal

The article also discusses how the company operates and how we make a profit, identifying the various advantages for RationalFX and Xendpay customers. 

Business line highlights our existing global presence by identifying our influence in many European, American and Asian markets. The article also emphasises our desire to become the first and the top platform to offer such services on a global basis and our wish to gain a 15 per cent share of the $400-500 billion a year global remittance market.

To read the full article please click on the image below.

The Hindu Business Line



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