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Xendpay is featured in international newspaper, the Epoch Times for its launch of its website in simplified and traditional Chinese

The Epoch Times, www.epochtimes.com which is a multi-language, international newspaper, has featured the realease of our new Xendpay sites, www. Xendpay.cn which is in simplified Chinese -臻汇国际汇 and www.Xendpay.hk which is in traditional Chinese -臻匯國際匯款.

Money transfer


The Epoch Times emphasise how our new services in simplified and traditional Chinese provide customers with an easy way to transfer money back home to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, along with other countries and regions, while offering competitive exchange rates.

The article identifies our minimum transfer amounts of GBP100 or EUR120, our various methods of payments, which include bank transfers and credit or debit card payments along with the range of currencies that you can transfer through Xendpay, which include HKD, USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, TWD, AUD, and CNY. 


To read the full article please click on the image below.

Epoc times


Read the article translated into English.

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