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What do you get if you combine a leading low-cost global money transfer service with blockchain technology? Seamless, certain and cost-effective international payments.

Xendpay have partnered with Ripple and RippleNet, a blockchain payment gateway, to provide a frictionless experience when sending and receiving money globally. By becoming a part of Ripple’s trusted network, Xendpay leverage cutting-edge technology to:

That’s not even the best bit. Xendpay’s partnership with Ripple won’t only improve your international payment experience; it also has the power to change people’s lives after we joined forces with GlobalGiving – a global crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects.

Anyone transferring money to Thailand between 1st and 28th November will have the option to select one of two local charities Xendpay and Ripple have chosen to support. Xendpay will then make a £5 donation to your chosen charity on your behalf.

So, who are these worthwhile charities?

GRACE – prevention through education

Images via Grace

GRACE – prevention through education

GRACE – prevention through education

Poverty is a serious problem in Thailand. So much so that around 1.3 million children between the ages 5-14 are not attending school. As a result, Thailand scored low in global PISA testing (reading, maths and science). This means that children from impoverished families are at high risk to trafficking due to the vulnerabilities associated with illiteracy and poverty.

GRACE (Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc) works tirelessly to give these children hope for a better future and eradicate these vulnerabilities. Their Resource Centre provides children and their families with the opportunity to participate in education and learn key skills such as reading and creativity. GRACE’s English curriculum of three phases lasts six years and helps provide key language skills for the next generation, giving these children the opportunity to go to university and better their career prospects.

The project is currently transforming 70 Thai children’s lives by providing food and education, empowering them rise from poverty. GRACE want to provide 130 children and their parents with the nutritional, educational and wellness support they need to build a better future for themselves, their families, and future generations and beyond.

For more information about GRACE, please visit Global Giving’s website.

DEPDC/GMS – help to provide lunch for half-day school students

Image via DEPDC

DEPDC/GMS – help to provide lunch for half-day school students

DEPDC/GMS – help to provide lunch for half-day school students

Underprivileged children from hill tribes in the Mae Sai area of Thailand often aren’t lucky enough to receive a formal education – some aren’t even given enough food each day. The Half Day School aims to provide 106 at-risk students with lunch every day for a full school year. For many, lunch here is their main source of sustenance for the entire day.

The Half Day School also offers free education for children from the village surrounding the DEPDC/GMS site and six other villages in the Mae Sai area. Most of these children lack the financial resources and identity papers required to enrol in Thailand’s formal education system. By providing this vulnerable section of the population with a nutritious lunch, the Half Day School helps them focus on their education, vocational skill classes and their future.

You can find out more about DEPDC’s Half-Day School project here.

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